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In back it has BFG drag radials and also includes M/T 10×15 slicks. INTERIOR: Excellent condition. Has all new cushions, upholstery, door panels, dash pad and carpet from Corvette Central.

BFG DRAG RADIAL 17.06.2014  · For some perverse reason, I am determined to run 15×7 ASC McClaren mesh rims on my car. What is the widest 60 series drag radial you guys would run on a 7 inch rim? I am thinking 255/60/15 MT E.T. streets, but wondering if any of you have run them. Mickey T says it fits 7"-9", but that seems like a pretty big range. EDIT — that is the same.

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12.08.2011  · I don’t think you’ll need the low profile IRS bolt to run the BFG 315 drags radials. I had em on my car for a long time (I have the same wheels you do) and they fit fine. Now I have a 335 BFG street tire on the back, and even they fit fine. I’d put the IRS bolts on for cheap insurance, no reason to

17.12.2008  · how long would the stock clutch hold up with bfgoodrich drag radials? my car has around 205rwhp and ill be using a 100 shot of nitrous. its a 02

This is one bad looking, tough sounding, pavement pounder. Truly street or strip ready. 650 hp with BFG radials will take you to the outdoor theater or cruise night.

We did compromise the pro-touring setup a bit by bolting on a set of BFG Drag Radials and that gave us enough traction to dip into the low 12s, but the car is still posting slow 60 foot times. No.

04.04.2003  · Club RSX Message Board > PERFORMANCE BASICS RSX > 1/4 Drag Racing RSX: BFG G-Force Drag radials.

15.02.2017  · Collecting cars 50 years. I still have my very first car a (57 Chevy Bel Air 2 door sedan) and several 5 6 and 7’s now. Retired law enforcement officer with over 40 years on the same department.

04.03.2018  · Ok I went back and got mileage to be sure.contacted the owner of my old car to check the log book and give me the miles from it so I can add them to the Hellcat. My 555Rs have almost 10,000 miles on them, so a bit less than previously stated. I’ll easily get another 2,000 out of them before they’re worn enough for me to replace them, but they’ll be almost on chords.

The home of the fastest street legal car in the world.

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