Car Insurance Bfg Velvet Ride Shackle

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07.08.2004  · I just replaced the shocks on my 86 with Austozones best. The ride is better but what can I do to make it as nice as I can? Springs, bushings?????be

Make your 1-ton truck ride like a 1/2 Ton!  Sulastic Springs! TACKLIFE T6 Car Jump Starter – 600A Peak 16500mAh, 12V Auto Battery Jumper with Quick-charge, Booster (up to 6.2l gas, 5.0l diesel), Portable Power Pack for Cars, Truck, SUV, UL Certified

04.06.2009  · I got everything all pulled apart today and found out I did luck out on one regard. I have the original velvet ride shackles on there and they are already sized to where I do not have to ream out the hole for the larger SD 16mm rear bolts.

24.07.2005  · jray369, Start by checking your tire pressure and making sure the tires aren’t maxed out. I run 52psi on all four tires unless I’m going to haul something then I’ll bump up the tire psi. and the max psi for my brand of tires is 65psi.

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31.01.2009  · I have also heard about velvet ride shackles that give your truck smoother driving but lower it 3/4"-1" and not sure if I would want to do that or not and if there are any that wont lower the truck and if there are any other parts that would help it have a smoother ride.

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Car exports, which account for around half the industry’s output, were 19 per cent lower in June than a year earlier. Output of light trucks up to 6 tonnes fell 34 per cent or 37,000 units to 72,000 between January and June.

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01.04.2008  · with today’s economy, the topic should be changed to "how far does your Jeep go on a tank of gas". I have a built 4.0L, manual, 35" MT, blah blah blah, and can roast them but have only once on wet pavement on accident.

23.11.2009  · As I said in a couple of threads I installed shocks and the Sulastic Rubber Springs as well as the 2-inch drop shackle on my truck and it rides so much better!! I hooked up the trailer last Saturday and I noticed the Sulastic spring moved up to the cross block lowering the truck to where the rubber spring was maxed out and had no more movement to cushion the ride.

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